There are numerous parallel applications of Lean – The Toyota Way in education.  Please follow the link to a presentation I facilitated at the Lean Educator Conference in 2011.

Leading Lean Learning In Education

James Bond | Erik Hager

Waterloo Region District School Board & Lean Productivity Systems Inc.

Leading Lean Learning In Education  James Bond, Principal, Park Manor Senior Public School, Elmira, Ontario Leading Lean Learning In Education integrates the philosophies and practices of the Toyota Production System (TPS) with best practices in education improving learning for all students.  The author worked at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada for over three years both as a welding team member and as a Quality Control Engineering Specialist during pilot and production phases.  He has also worked in public education for over eleven years in several schools from kindergarten to grade 12.  As a teacher, department head and vice principal, he used TPS skills in a less intentional manner.  However, as a Principal, he is integrating the TPS practices more overtly and is noticing improvements in school culture, innovation, professional development and pursuit of excellence based on the Gemba.  The challenge of implementation lies in connecting best practices in education to parallel TPS philosophies and practices.  However, there are many examples in education where TPS practices are known by a different name or not present at all.  As well, almost all TPS philosophies and practices can be used in the classroom, school community, department and the system level to improve learning for all students (Gemba). The first part of the presentation will discuss the alignment of the TPS and best practices in education such as; differentiated instruction, gradual release of responsibility, walkthroughs, the Provincial Leadership Framework, and other examples.  Secondly, additional TPS philosophies and practices that will benefit the Gemba will be presented such as; A3 report writing, the thinking way, value stream mapping, and kaizen circles to name a few.  Finally, the implementation strategies of Leading Lean Learning In Education will be shared along with several examples and observations to allow educational leaders to begin and sustain effective integration and improve learning for all students.


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