When I realize that it was less than six months ago that we started using the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in our school, I am totally amazed at how far the thinking of educators and students has come regarding using technology to accelerate student learning.  Check out our case study video produced by Research In Motion (RIM) on Youtube (http://youtu.be/K7u6DVny_uA) to see just the tip of the iceberg of the awesome things happening with the PlayBooks and other technologies at Park Manor.

I have been posting a lot of the practical applications and success stories on Park Manor’s Digitally Rich Learning Without Limits site (http://schools.wrdsb.ca/pkm/) and will continue to do so in the future.  Also, one of the teachers at Park Manor, Liz Anderson, who created and led the development of our Accelerated Learning Framework continues to share her applications of technology to accelerate the learning of her students (http://acceleratedlearningframework.wordpress.com/).

We have developed a list of Success Criteria for educators use to help them gather evidence and make informed decisions that their use of the technology tool, program, application or website accelerates the learning of their students.

Accelerated Learning

  1. Enables students to meet the Learning Goal and demonstrate the Success Criteria faster
  2. Enables specified groups students with special needs or English language barriers to meet the Learning Goal and demonstrate the Success Criteria
  3. Enables students to achieve to a higher level than they would without the framework

About James Bond

I am a Lean educator who hopes to inspire and be inspired by an innovative school community where we all become Global Critical Thinkers Collaborating to Change the World in a Digitally Rich Learning Community Without Limits.

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  1. Thank you to the good writeup.

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