Just after I started teaching science, I started to wonder what skills my students should be proficient in after they have earned the credit I was teaching.  As a result, I started developing a “Science Skills Continuum” for grades nine through twelve.  Later, as a Science department head, I completed the continuum and presented it a couple of times, but then entered administration and didn’t publish it.  As a high school administrator, I was concerned with the whole student and looked at the profile of a graduating student, with respect to knowledge, skills, behaviours and experiences.  I began to see that this profile would help a school determine what is most important when making decisions about student learning.  I firmly belive that if you don’t know what you want from your work, you most certainly will not get it.  I then developed the “Inspiration For All” (IFA) mural concept, so that every member of the school community would know what we want for our students and can then make our decisions based on that vision.  The IFA mural is composed of eight domains found on a path, which students follow from kindergarten through to the workforce and beyond.  On either side of the path, are all the things that the school, parents, community and others do to keep our students on the path.  I will add more to this shortly.


About James Bond

I am a Lean educator who hopes to inspire and be inspired by an innovative school community where we all become Global Critical Thinkers Collaborating to Change the World in a Digitally Rich Learning Community Without Limits.

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