I am amazed at how much technology the students in my school have access to every day.  They can use the internet at school, SMART Boards and a Proscope as learning tools.  However, we (myself included here) need to understand how to truly use them.  I think we need to engage our students in our learning of the technology.  No longer are we (I mean teachers and administrators) the experts of technology.  Indeed, we are users alongside our students. 

However, as an adept user of technology, I know that we need to make it easy for neophyte technology users to use the technology in their classrooms.  I have seen it too many times where a great piece of technology, such as the SMART Board, is available, but the teacher needs to sign it out, set up the projector and computer in order to use it.

I am hoping to place a SMART Board with overhead projector in every classroom, to make it easy for all teachers to use technology for instruction and student learning.


About James Bond

I am a Lean educator who hopes to inspire and be inspired by an innovative school community where we all become Global Critical Thinkers Collaborating to Change the World in a Digitally Rich Learning Community Without Limits.

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