The world we are teaching our students for, will not exist when they get there.  Therefore, educational leaders need to create a culture of innovation in order to keep up with what is current for our students, but to also enable them to be innovative in their lives.  Toyota uses a “Suggestion System” where team members are encouraged to look for better ways and then receive financial and award recognition.  The challenge in education is that we cannot give financial rewards, but must rely on other intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.  However, educators entered the profession to help students learn and helping them learn better should be a part of their purpose.  Indeed, educational leaders need to create a safe, risk-taking environment in their schools, so their teachers will take risks and thereby model risk taking for students.  If we want our students to be successful, educators need to model how to be innovative with all the inherent skills required to do it effectively.


About James Bond

I am a Lean educator who hopes to inspire and be inspired by an innovative school community where we all become Global Critical Thinkers Collaborating to Change the World in a Digitally Rich Learning Community Without Limits.

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