Gemba is the Japanese word for “the real place” or in the Toyota system where value is added to a process.  In the case of education, the gemba can be found where a students learns new knowledge, skills, behaviours or values.  In the Toyota system, all processes are examined to determine how they affect the gemba and I believe we need to do this in education as well.  Indeed, we are here to serve our students and constantly need to assess how our various efforts affect the gemba.  Where it gets tricky is what knowledge, skills, behaviours or values need to be mastered and which ones learned to a functional level.  Also, educational leaders need to create an inspirational culture where staff and students are inspired about learning  and pursuing excellence.


About James Bond

I am a Lean educator who hopes to inspire and be inspired by an innovative school community where we all become Global Critical Thinkers Collaborating to Change the World in a Digitally Rich Learning Community Without Limits.

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